afinityAfinity is a private cloud created by GEYCE that ,through Internet, facilitates the exchange of information between the Adviser and their clients or between the Adviser and GEYCE. Afinity is also known as the set of services offered in the previosuly mentioned online cloud.

Afinity is the tool that allows the integration of the informatic processes of the Professional Office of the client and GEYCE in a common work-envirorment. The usage of Afinity is completely secure and reliable, it guarantees the security requisits that the Law on Protection of Personal Data requires. Our servers are located in a Data Center in the National Territory.

The hiring of the Afinity Services provides several advantages like the reduction of costs, the improvement of the efficiency of the services, the personalized communication, the optimization of the resources and time, the possibility of the integration with other GEYCE apps etc.



  • Proximity with the Adviser with their clients (and viceversa) thanks to the agile system of information exchange.
  • It integrates the informatics from the professional office with their clients'
  • Access from anywhere and any computer with Internet access.
  • The information remains 100% secure and confidential
  • Services related to the Adviser's apps: e-Asientos, e-MIR, e-Portem, Portal del Asesor.
  • Various advantages for the Adviser, such as sending notices to their clients, the reception of consultations etc. Being the administrator on the permission access of their clients.
  • Many advantages for the Adviser's clients, such as the direct introduction of information, the exchange of messages with the Adviser, secure and confidential reception of documentation etc.



  • Services linked to the Advisor's apps:
    • Exchange of information between client and Advisor through an app like J-Conta or J-Nomina, among others.
    • The services are optional and can be hired by the Adviser or their clients : e-Asientos, e-Portem, and J-Contax.
  • Generics of the Adviser's activity:
    • Not linked to any software and it enhances the proximity with the client.
    • Services:
      • Portal del Asesor: Afinity service included in the purchase of the apps.
      • e-MIR: The Adviser hires it, having access to diferent modalities.


e-asientosThe service that e-Asientos has to offer is an accounting system of bills for companies who use Afinity  it is the mean of conexion so that the mentioned service can be used from any computer, Tablet or Smartphone with access to internet, since it does not precise any software instalation.

e-Asientos allows Self-employed people or companies, without having accounting knowledge, to do their own accounting automatically of the bills in  J-Conta, as from a template of bills designed by the Advisor and that allows the automatic reception of the accounting entries of the sent and recieved bills and revise and count them automatically once they have already been verified.


e-porteme-Portem or el Portal del Empleado Empleado is a private online service linked to the company that allows the workers to acces the labor documentation that the enterprise or the Adviser generate. e-Portem is an online service of  Afinity allowing the usage of the service  from any computer, Tablet or Smartphone with internet access, since it does not require the installation of a software.

The navigation in el Portal del Empleado is totally secure allowing the creation of a virtual communication space between the company and the employees, it allows them to recieve their salary, their retention certificates, among others.


modulo de impresióne-MIR is a service that allows the sending of any kind of document generated by the GEYCE apps through a secure conection from the Adviser's office to the client. The sending is through  Afinity. The added value of e-MIR is the sending of the documents in a 100% secure way directly from its generation, with the aim of facilitating the Adviser's labor.

In order to use e-MIR is necessary for the Adviser's client to have Internet conection, so that the client can visualize or print out the recieved documents.

With e-MIR you can send the following documents, among others:  

  • Bills,
  • salary reciepts
  • contracts
  • withholding certificates
  • official forms
  • balances
  • account statements
  • declared jurisdictions
  • memories, etc.

Complying with the regulations stablished by the Data Protection Law because of the usage of a safe way for the information sendings.

j-Nómina REMOTA

s_jnomina-remotaIs a complementary service of ;J-Nómina.It's opptional and it can be hired by the client or the proffesional office. It is designed so that the client has a direct access to the Adviser's server using Internet as a work tool. It helps the Adviser modernize its labor and optimize its time.

The user that connects has its functionality restricted to a series of functionalities and it is always linked to the company, where they'll be able to consult and obtain information.

The access to the previosuly mentioned information is done via a Terminal Server and the Adviser's permission is needed to enter it . The Adviser will need a public IP and will have to supply it in order for the client to have access to the information.


s_j-conta_remotaIs a communication and sending ofaccounting information system through Internet for the client and the adviser, through  J-Conta.

It is a complementary service to  J-Conta. It's opptional and it can be hired by the client or the professional office. It is designed so that the clients have a direct access to the Adviser's server using the Internet as a work tool. It helps the Adviser modernize its labor and optimize its time.

The access to the previously mentioned information is via a Terminal Server and the permission of the Adviser is needed in order to access this service. The Adviser will need a public IP and will have to supply it in order for the client to have access to the information.