1. Conditions of usage of el portal de Afinity (AFINITYWEB.COM).

1.1 AFINITYWEB.COM is a portal of services for professional offices and advisers-companies that, through the totality of the web pages that form it, offers access to useful services for their group of clients.

1.2 AFINITYWEB.COM will not take charge of the damage that the USER might cause through el Portal or any other service or content derived from the same in relation with others, making the USER the only one responsible for it.

1.3 The USER of el Portal agrees to not use el Portal or other of their services and contents against what is said by the current legislation on what it has to be applied..

1.4 El portal AFINITYWEB.COM is property of GEYCE AGPO Software S.L., whom is the incumbent of the rights of Industrial and Intellectual property of the elements that integrate their web pages: the menus, navigation buttons, the HTML code, the applets, the texts, images, textures, graphics and any other content in the web page or, in any case, otherwise you must possess an authorization for the usage of this elements.

1.5 AFINITYWEB.COM will not take charge of any of the infraction that any of the users might commit in intellectual and industrial property ways.

1.6 The establishment of an hyperlink requires the previous authorization on paper and will never mean there is any kind of relationship between AFINITYWEB.COM and the owner of the web page where the hyperlink might be, nor will it mean AFINITYWEB.COM approves the content or services the web page offers.

1.7 AFINITYWEB.COM reserves the right of modifying the content and elements that integrate their web page, without the need of previously communicating it when they consider it convenient with the year of their services 1.8 AFINITYWEB.COM agrees to cover the following services: Telematic Attention to consultations, revision of the apps for legal dispositions and for improvements or corrections.

1.9 The USER of el Portal is the one responsible for the integration, in the licensed apps, of the updates that will be published in AFINITYWEB.COM , which will be notified to the user through a personalized message.

1.10 GEYCE AGP SOFTWARE S.L. does not take charge for any of the operating deficiencies in the app that are because of the breach of the previous headland.

1.11 AFINITYWEB.COM will not take charge of the integrity and veracity of the content in the links in the web pages that you can access from their web page.

1.12 The operative access to el Portal AFINITYWEB.COM requires the payment of the fees of the services that aren't free.

1.13 AFINITYWEB.COM reserves the right of removing the access to el Portal, without previous notice to any USER that contravenes this contract.
2. rivacy Policy of the Afinity services.

2.1.Complying the 15/1999 Law of December 13th on the Protection of Personal Data , GEYCE AGP Software S.L. , as responsible of el Portal AFINITYWEB.COM informs that all the personal data that we ask for in our registration forms are included in a file located in a server. The users of AFINITYWEB.COM allow the usage of their information for the lending of the contracted services.

2.2. The previously mentioned file is registered in the Ag�ncia de Protecci� de Dades complying the current laws of development.

2.3. This data will never be used for any other aim that is not the lending of the service and will be cancelled when they are not necessary for this same aim.

2.4. The user will always dispose of the information rights, access, oposition, rectification and cancellation of personal data as so says the LLei Org�nica de Protecci� de Dades de Car�cter Personal (LO 15/1999).
2.5. GEYCE AGP Software S.L. has adopted all the security on protection of personal data levels that are required, and has installed all the means and technical measures to avoid the loss, bad usage, alteration, non-authorized access and robbery of personal data.

2.6. GEYCE AGP Software S.L. informs of the possibility of exercising the previously mentioned rights in the following e-mail adress:

2.7. If in the registration there was to be included personal data from people that aren't the one/s that are effectuating it, whom ever does, will have to inform this people the previously mentioned content before including it in the registration.

3. Disk Ocupation Space

3.1. The ocupation of the documentation in the Afinity servers isn't unlimited. GEYCE AGP, in front of an excesive consume of the common free space for all the users, reserves the right of informing the user of this cirmustances so that the client either regularizes the occupied space on disk in the scales that are indicated or they can hire an additional share of disk specifically for them.

3.2.GEYCE AGP reserves the right of effectuating a draft of the information of the two previous years of the exercise in course previously informing the final users of this action so the proprietary of the information can access it and download it in a device